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Mike in a boatWelcome to the Science Fiction pages of Mike Scantlebury. Here you can find extracts of his novels, a sample of his many short stories, fanzines, articles - and more. Look out for additions as the site develops. After all, we're talking about the future here. Nothing is certain...

Way, way back in the 1960s, Mike was known as an SF fan from Bristol. He soon shook the dust of that one-horse town off his feet and started producing SF fanzines. In the 1970s he was known for such titles as 'Not Frank' and 'Tripe Pickers Journal'. Interestingly enough, that title still survives - as the heading for Mike's blog. If you want to see pages from that publication, log on at www.mikescantlebury.blogspot.com.

The 1970s was a hectic time for Mike. Apart from hand-cranking out his amateur publications, he was also regularly packing his bags and fleeing greedy creditors and distraught lovers, noisy neighbours and angry gangsters. It's a surprise anyone heard from him at all, his address kept changing so often. Then, love came to call. Mike set up home with the girl across the road, settled down and had a family. In the middle of the 1980s, Mike turned out three SF novels. You can find them later on this site. He also created a forest of short stories, firing them off to America in search of publication, glory and general good times. You can find a selection of them on later pages. Then what happened, you ask? Is there a happy end to this story? Has Mike been entered into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame? Suffice it to say, in the 1990s, Mike was writing murder mysteries and detective fiction. You can find all them at his Home pages - www.mikescantlebury.com

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Tripe Pickers Journal

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