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Mike Scantlebury outside the Kremlin

About Mike

Mike Scantlebury

The Mike Scantlebury Science Fiction novels.

Mike developed an interest in SF in his earliest teenage years.

At that time, he was introduced to his local library, Wick Road Public Library in Brislington, Bristol. Every week he called in and took out four or five new books to read, devouring them avidly at home. (This was before TV became important.)

Little did Mike know that another famous literary figure was using the same facilities. Yes, folks, Julie Birchill - journalist, raconteur and now the most famous inhabitant of Brighton town by the sea - was learning about literature at the same fount.

Obviously, the two talents diverged at some point.

Julie doesn't write SF.


A Pier Head

Anyone who has ever been involved with Science Fiction in England in the last twenty years will know that it involves trekking around the country, attending Conventions.

These are gathering of SF fans, eager to meet with their fellow afficionados, drink, discuss the affairs of the day, drink, buy books, listen to authors talk and watch films.

Oh, and drink.

Contrary to popular belief these soirees are not the same as Star Trek Conventions, which attract a far more raffish crowd, people who enjoy dressing in skin tight lycra and regailing their fellows with witty and well-known catchphrases like "The engines won't take it, Cap'n" and "Beam me up, Scotty".

Mike, of course, doesn't have to don pointed ears.

Those are his own.

Back Gate

Science Fiction Conventions have always been drawn to the most out-of-the-way and woe begotten parts of the country, where they can have their fun in private and not be disturbed.

Brighton for one, (already mentioned).

Also, Liverpool. Mike was proud to attend the Adelphi Hotel back in the '80s for an Easter weekend with SF fans and hangers on. Birmingham too.

The clues are in the pictures. If you look carefully, you will be able to see the site of many a raucous Convention on this page. (Discount the Kremlin, of course. It didn't happen.)

Mike, of course, has never been noted for his wild ways.

He much prefers a quiet cup of tea to a whisky chaser.

Here is a picture of him tucking into Birthday cake. (It isn't his.)

The Wedding